Aluminum (also known as aluminium) is one of the most popular metals to build a carport from. Used for everything from furniture to planes, aluminium is a popular choice in many industries due to its lightweight yet strong properties. The same is true for metal buildings; aluminum carports are hardy, secure and require little maintenance. As they are lighter than other metals, the frames are easier to transport, lift and carry – particularly important if you’re considering buying an aluminum carport kit.

Aluminum or steel carport?

Steel is another popular choice for carports, and after you’ve decided to buy a metal carport, the next decision to make is whether to opt for steel or aluminum. They are often easier to install than steel and, unless you require an extremely heavy-duty building, can prove cheaper in the long run. Rust can sometimes be an issue with older steel carports.

Aluminum Carport Kits

Aluminum is a good compromise between timber carports and steel carports as it is more durable and weather-proof than timber, yet cheaper and easier to source than steel. As aluminum carport kits are pretty straightforward you should be able to install your carport yourself and so save some money.

Used Aluminum Carport Kits

Second hand aluminum carport kits can be easily found on the internet, but be careful before buying and make sure the seller is reputable and there are plenty of pictures. You will also need to figure out what tools you need and any extra parts (such as screws). When bought carefully, second hand carports are an excellent choice. If you’re after a cheap aluminum carport but don’t want to buy preowned, do some research into wholesale aluminum carport dealers by searching the web.