Many people are initially put off buying carport kits because they think carport construction is complicated and time-consuming. In fact, building your own carport from a kit is straightforward, and as long as you have all the necessary tools, a helper and some free time, it’s no harder than putting together some flatpack furniture.

Carport kits can even be custom made, so you can get your perfect design and dimensions. Whilst shipping costs can be expensive, some companies include this in the price of the carport itself, and even so it’s cheaper than hiring someone to build your carport for you.

When buying a carport kit, make sure you know what’s included and what tools you will need to complete the construction. All good metal buildings companies will be happy to advise you before you make a purchase. Remember that any permits or permissions you need should be sorted out in advance in writing, otherwise you could make an expensive mistake.

If you need help putting together your carport, there are plenty of videos on the internet you can use to help you. Take a look at our top five carport assembly videos article to see builds in action. When you’re ready to build your carport, make sure you clear and prepare the ground thoroughly first. Choose a day or weekend with good weather, and ensure all children and animals are kept away from the building space. Getting a friend or two to help will make understanding your carport kit easier, and will also aid construction.

Before starting your build, examine your carport kit carefully to make sure all pieces are present and in perfect condition. Read any instructions or manuals before you get going so you get a feel for how it is put together.