As strange as they may initially sound, there’s a growing market for portable metal carports. Portable carports are great for holiday homes, weekends away, short vacations and so on. If you’re renting a house, buy a portable carport so you can take it with you when you leave. Or maybe you want to share a carport with a neighbour, or lend it to a friend. Whatever you want to use your portable carport for, you can easily dismantle it, transport it, and set it up again in a different location without any difficulties.

When buying a portable metal carport, you need to consider what kind of ground you will be using it on. In order to stay balanced and stable, you will need to buy a carport with adjustable legs. However, most portable carports available today don’t allow for much adjustment and so aren’t suitable for use on uneven land. This is also true for carports that require baserails or baseplates, as although they will support your carport effectively and appropriately, then are not suitable for use on bumpy ground. Unfortunately there is nothing you can do about this, so assess the area you want to place the carport beforehand, and try to place it on an artificial flat surface such as a driveway or concrete slab if possible. If there are strong winds in the location, then the carport will need to be secured as much as possible. If you’re intending to use your metal carport for a long period of time, for example outside a holiday home or a rented home with a long lease, you will probably be better off looking at a permanent metal carport, although the prices may be considerably more.

You can expect to find portable carports up to about forty feet in width, which is a pretty substantial size. You can easily buy a portable carport which will fit a truck or two. It’s particularly good if you do a lot of travelling but still require a good sized carport with adequate protection for your vehicles. If you’re looking for a smaller solution, you can buy an eighteen by twenty carport for under $700, which will fit up to two cars comfortably.