Canopies are basically perceived as being any structure which provides shelter from the elements such as wind, rain, snow, hailstone etc or for providing welcome shade from strong sunlight.

Canopies measure at least 20 feet by 10 feet are commonly referred to as carport canopies and some of these have been designed specifically to cover recreational vehicles, boats, trucks etc or even to be used as party tents which is based on the gazebo principle. Obviously the best type of carport canopy depends very much on how you plan to use it.

If a carport canopy is going to be used to house a standard vehicle then one with a galvanized steel frame may be the best option. This should provide enough protection against the elements all year round and provides a semi- permanent structure.

It is worth noting that a flat top or peak roof gives less protection than a round top canopy.

Boat or recreational vehicles ideally should be stored in a carport canopy which has a zippered door way and complete side walls. They are usually longer, wider and taller than standard carport canopies to allow for the vehicle’s height (eg camper van) or boat’s length (including the trailer).

Many camping enthusiasts use car port canopies as extra living space when on holiday. These are useful when you need extra space despite the size of the tent(s) and provide extra protection against the elements. They are erected and packed away easily and are becoming increasingly popular.

As the designs of car port canopies have become increasingly more innovative many folk have begun to use the lighter weight ones for weddings, barbeques, outdoor parties and other events. The easiest to erect and dismantle are the light aluminum ones which are easy to assemble and fold into a single piece in minutes. These can be used most of the year and provide shade or protection from bad weather.