If you’re considering vehicle storage, or more specifically, a carport or steel garage, then listing your ideas and thoughts beforehand can help save you a lot of time. This is especially true if you’re short of time or planning to approach a carport company or carport installation service in person. This article provides a quick guide as to what you need to consider at the brainstorming stage of your carport.

Firstly, consider what your budget is. This will help to narrow down your carport purchase into a bracket you can afford, and also help you decide if you can afford extras such as lighting and windows. Don’t forget that you will also need to budget for essentials like carport support posts and other securing elements.

Secondly, decide what the purpose of your carport is; you will have very different requirements if you’re building a metal carport for storage of multiple vehicles or farming equipment compared to a small one-car carport.

Thirdly, think about the future element of your carport. How long are you intending to use your carport for? Is it going to be a temporary solution, or do you want a carport which will last a lifetime? As a temporary solution, you could attach a simple awning to your house or go for a cheaper timber carport. Standard designs will also be cheaper than custom versions. However, plenty of companies sell plans and designs for a small amount, so you can always pick up some of their metal carport plans to base your ideas around and get a feel for existing practical carport designs.

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Keeping a file for your carport helps a lot, particularly if you’re thinking of installing multiple carports or saving up for a carport. Being organised and keeping details of local companies, pictures, print outs of information, plans and sketches can all help, particularly if you’re not the only person working on the project. Keeping your ideas together also helps local contractors understand what you want and what work you’ve done so far.