Carolina Carports Inc is a trusted and highly regarded brand for carports. As well as the classic range of Carolina Carports, the company also supplies garages, barns and utility buildings for your home or business.

There are two main routes you can go down with Carolina Carports. One option is to take the uncertified route, relevant for buildings of up to thirty feet wide. The carports are made from galvanized steel, making them resistant to rust, and the carport includes a thirty day workmanship warranty for peace of mind. Garage doors, walk-in doors and windows are also available.

Certified carports on the other hand are designer by an engineer and include a 20 year (limited) warranty along with free installation and delivery. Your carport engineering plans are available and your carport will be certified for wind and (most) snow loads. Similarly to uncertified carports, you can get certified garage doors and walk-in doors, and carports are constructed using rust-resistant galvanized steel. Certified buildings can be up to forty feet wide.

Carolina Carports Inc offers a wide range of carports to choose from, and they welcome enquiries if you’re looking for something specific or can’t see what you want from the sample gallery. Their website is easy to browse and use, however admittedly it could to with a revamp to potray their carports and steel buildings in a more positive way. However, Carolina Carports is a recognised brand name and we have no hesitation in recommending their carports, garages, other buildings and services in general.

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