If you’re buying a carport kit or simply want to buy and install your own carport, it’s best to have a carport plan to work from the outset. The worst thing you can do is to waste money on carport plans that are unsuitable for the materials or ground you’re working with.

At the other end of the scale, buying carport plans and then failing to get the carport materials together can be an expensive mistake too. The best way to keep your carport costs down is to make sure you co-ordinate carport plans, carport materials and carport assembly together.

Choosing Carport Plans

The internet is home to a vast range of great carport plans, both free and paid. Free carport plans are much rarer and harder to come across, and it’s best not to compromise if they don’t quite fit your requirements. It’s much better to spend the dollars on your perfect carport plan and get the finished look and storage that you’re after.

Free Carport Plans

Carport plans start at around the $150 mark and can go up to $300 or more. As you can imagine, this can add a substantial amount on to the final cost of your carport or building project. Carport plans sites usually have an image of the finished carport and size measurements so you can check if it’s the right size for your space. Before purchasing plans, have a look at the free carport plans available online, or try asking a friend to save some money.