A portable garage or portable carport is ideal if you’re intending to store your vehicle in a few different places, for example at both your home and holiday home, at festivals and events, or across different areas of large commercial or agricultural land. It’s even possible to share your portable carport or portable garage with friends or other members of your family if required.

Buying a non-permanent garage or carport is easy to do, and portable buildings also have the advantage of being easy to assemble and dissemble. If carport assembly is a challenge for you, then don’t worry about portable carports or garages as they can often be set up in seconds.

Portable carports can also be purchased with adjustable legs, which is perfect if you’re planning to place them on slightly uneven ground – you’ll still have a stable structure which you can store your car under. If you shop around, you should be able to get your portable garage or carport at a much cheaper price than a typical carport, particularly if you go for a prefabricated one rather than have one custom made.

Portable garages and portable carports can be bought from reputable local companies and websites, but if you’re on a tight budget and you’re looking for a cheap carport or cheap garage, then check out Craigslist, eBay and even Freecycle, where you’re likely to pick up a bargain if you can be patient.