A double carport is ideal if you have multiple cars or regular guests to your home. Many one-car families mistakenly think that a double carport would be a waste of money; however, it is more often than not an investment.

Even if you’re not thinking about purchasing a second vehicle now, you may be in ten or twenty years, particularly if you have children who will eventually want a car. If you’re buying a good quality metal carport, then it can last a lifetime…so why buy two because you didn’t think ahead?!

If you have the space, a double carport is fantastic even if you don’t have two vehicles. Some carports can run a little small, so this way you’re assured you have plenty of space for larger vehicles. You can also use the extra space for storing things like bikes or garden equipment.

When buying a double carport, especially if it’s specifically advertised as ‘double’, make sure you check the measurements first. Some people’s idea of ‘double’ isn’t the same as others’! Also, if you have a small vehicle now, that doesn’t mean you won’t have a bigger car or truck in the future, so be sure to plan ahead to avoid future hassle and costly mistakes.

Some people buy a single vehicle carport and then opt to place another carport to the side or behind the first. This is a bit of a messy solution but can be cheaper and easier than pulling down an existing carport and starting again. For best results, buy a second carport which is identical to the first, and place to the side where possible. A carport behind another is even more awkward than you might think and causes more problems than it solves.

We’ve had a lot of questions recently about buying double carports and creating them out of two separate carports. If you’re thinking about putting two carports together, make sure you can secure them safely, especially if they are heavy metal. Timber carports are easier to secure together, but again this must be done properly and without any quick fixes.