As you can imagine we at love carports, so recently, over a cup of coffee  in the mall, we were discussing carport plans, designs, wooden versus aluminum (as you do!) when a guy came over and stated in a loud voice that ‘carports are ugly and an eyesore’. Can you believe it? Before we could ask him why he held those opinions he left abruptly so we spent hours surmising what he meant and would greatly value your comments regarding his statement voiced so vehemently.

Are carports ugly and are they an eyesore?

To date we cannot think of a  single car port which could be considered ugly because most folk seem to either carefully plan, design and build their car port which can be fairly expensive and time-consuming yet pleasurable project sometimes involving at least two, if not more , members of the family. Once built they are often the family’s pride and joy after the house and are carefully maintained and even personalized.

Other homeowners acquire a car port when moving house and no one surely wants to give a poor impression of their new home by spoiling it with an ‘ugly’ car port. Surely if they did not find it of any use then the obvious choice would either be to dismantle it or spruce it up and make it into an extension of their new home?

Most car port owners take great pride in their erections and many are determined theirs will match, as far as possible, the exterior of their home – are these eyesores my friends?

Have you ever spotted  car ports plastered with graffiti, broken windows, leaking roofs or those which look like they need knocking down?

We honestly think this man was just plain jealous of us car port enthusiasts. I wish him well, but think he needs to be properly initiated into the car port world…

We welcome your comments please!