Once you have completed the structure of your car port it is well worth spending time considering what type of lighting to opt for.

Lighting your car port is highly beneficial for two main reasons:-

Firstly to help you make your way safely back to your home without tripping or stumbling, and secondly it helps to deter intruders or burglars.

In addition though, it is useful to have a good lighting system in place if you like to work on projects outside or if you like eating alfresco or love to entertain guests.

Obviously the first consideration has to be the safety aspect especially if your car port is not attached to your house. Detached car ports will probably require at least some work done by a qualified electrician. This is because he/ she will need to check the grounding, safety features and electrical outlets / sockets etc which will ensure that the car port is both electrically and structurally safe..

If, however, t the car port is attached or close to your house, then it may be possible to just adapt your existing lighting system. This may not be as simple as it first sounds though – for instance you can risk tripping over loose wires or cables, so these need to be well secured to avoid potential accidents occurring involving children, adults or pets.

Probably the best option is to invest in solar car port lights as these do not use electricity as they are powered by the sun so you will save money in the long run. Initially, of course, this will add to the overall cost of the car port, but for the investment and overall peace of mind it is well worth considering.

Most car port solar light systems are basic but don’t forget that come the holiday season or for those special occasions you can always top up with solar fairy lights 🙂