There is more to worry about when you park on the street than simple “gifts” from birds in the trees above your vehicle. Your car, truck or SUV is much safer when you park it in a carport, to protect it from the elements. In addition, who wants to scrape ice off a frozen car or truck, if you live in an area that has bitter winters?

With the money that you pay for a vehicle today, you’ll want to protect it from sitting at the curb outside your house. Checking at, you’ll discover that it’s less expensive, as a rule, to insure your vehicle, when
you park that car or truck in a carport or garage.

Carports are generally made from metal, and they will also keep the sun from fading your vehicle. They keep your vehicle safer from people who might want to steal it, since the carport is usually right up next to your house. This is a safer parking place than parking on the street.

You’ll save money building a carport as opposed to a garage, since it is more of an open type building than a more substantial garage. Include a light in your carport – this will be handy if you’re working on your vehicle, and it will also deter possible car thieves. This is another reason why you may find lower rates at if you park in a carport rather than on the street.

It’s more economical to add a carport to your lot than a garage, since the garage is an actual building. You may even find a portable carport, which you can move around if you renovate your home at a later date. Giving your vehicle a place to safely spend the night will put your mind at ease, knowing that your vehicle is well-protected.