Times have been tough for a while now, and plenty of people all over the world are suffering as a result of the turbulent economy. We’ve been told that we should be more responsible with our money, and yet putting it into savings with abysmal interest rates or making potentially risky investments is not the way to go.

In the UK, the coming implementation of auto-enrolment means that more futures will be made secure through compulsory pension contributions for employees. This will enable people to have more money in retirement in order to make home improvements, fund hobbies and enjoy higher quality food and drink without worrying about increasing costs or constantly shifting money around savings accounts. But what can people do at home to improve their outlook?

If you’re a homeowner, it’s advisable to think about adding more value to your property no matter what stage of life you’re at, particularly if you’re lucky enough to be in a stable (or fairly stable) position. Alternatively, you may be thinking about selling or renting part or all of your land or property. You could even make money by renting out car parking space on your land. A carport will help with all these things, and has the other important advantage of protecting your own vehicles for as long as you need. Whilst a carport may seem like a considerable investment, you can save money by buying a second hand carport or purchasing a carport kit that contains everything you need.

Assembly is straightforward if you can persuade a friend to help, and in no time at all you have added an extra selling point for your home and potentially another small source of income if you choose to rent the shelter out. Carports are much cheaper than garages and can be just as practical and well-built if you choose carefully….then all you have to worry about is paying for gas and your car insurance!

A carport is an unusual and often overlooked way to plan for the future, whether that future is as short term as winter or as long term as retirement. It’s never to early to start saving or add clever investment to your property whilst you’re still living there and can take advantage of it. If you buy a portable carport you can even take it with you or split the cost with a friend.

Have you thought about investing in a carport for the future? Let us know in the comments!