“LED lighting for carports” you may well ask? Have we all gone crazy here at Metal Carports and Kits? However, read on and you soon see why we are so enthusiastic.

As we all know car ports need not necessarily just be erected to provide shelter for the family car(s), bikes or boats. Increasingly many people are using them for other reasons because of the extra space they offer so close to home. Carports are ideal if you are fixing a vehicle, working on a DIY or art project, or eating alfresco with family or friends. Particularly popular at holiday times, carports are often used as kids’ play areas or utilised as extra storage space, but however you use your carport, lighting is very important.

Choosing your carport lighting

Firstly, it may be well worth taking the time to consider what type of LED lighting you would prefer:

– Is it for security purposes?

– Do you require lighting for safety reasons?

– Will it be LED lighting purely for decoration?

– Is eco-friendly lighting important for your carport?

– Do you want to make a real feature of your cherished car port?

– Will the LEDs be used all year round or solely around the holiday period and for special occasions?

Carport lighting considerations

Secondly, you need to decide the type of LED lighting you would like and set yourself a budget:

– Do you have an electrical power source installed? If so, do you really want to use plug in LEDs (bearing in mind the increase in energy prices and possible trailing wires or cables which may be unsafe for the elderly, kids or pets)?

– If you fancy the idea of using LEDs for most of the year and like battery lights then it may well be worth investing in a battery charger if you do not already own one to cut down on the cost of running them.

– Thinking of solar LEDs for your carport? These are environmentally friendly, free to run and emit very little heat so are safe to use.

– Are you looking for lights for decoration for your carport? You will most likely be amazed at the choice out there on the market!

Installing carport lighting

Thirdly, you may need to have a good look around your carport and decide where it is going to be erected:

– A quick measure or simple plan or photo of the car port would be useful so when you start shopping you do not end up with too many, too few, too big or too small.

– If the LEDs are for security reasons do you want a motion-activated spotlight or double spotlights? Central lights or posts? Up lighters or down lighters, floodlights, infra-red wall lights? Even LED lamps and lampshades can be motion activated these days so the choice can be daunting unless you have decided exactly what you want.

Finally, the best bit: looking around the LED lighting shops, garden centres, showrooms, looking online and finally buying your ideal lights at the right price!

Carport lighting designs

You can choose fantastic LED lighting in the following designs:

– Fairy lights which can be clear static ones to the multifunction, multicolour ones.

– LED rope lighting including rigid, flexible, plain through to multicoloured and dimmable.

– The more unusual LED lighting such as dragonflies, mosaic jar light LEDs, pendant style, net lights or even a colour-changing, solar wind-spinning spiral light ball or even an LED garden chandelier!!

Have fun installing your carport lighting! If you’re thinking about lighting for your carport, leave a comment below and let us know your plans.