When you hear the word ‘carport‘ most people think of the permanent ones which are attached or freestanding and are situated next to the home and provide shelter for a car, bikes or boat. However, portable pop-up carports have become increasingly popular in recent years and are not just used to park under as they can be used in a variety of different environments for a variety of uses so that many situations could be improved with the use of these structures.

The basic structure of portable carports means they are easy and quick to erect and comprise a foldable cover, telescoping assemblies at the four corners and anchoring legs. Anchoring sets can be purchased but many people just use bags filled with sand, pebbles or stones to weight the carport down whilst in use. Although most portable pop-up carports are open structures it is easy to add removable sidewalls to provide more protection from the sun, sand or rain or even from ants and insects.

Portable carports

Portable canopy carports can be great in a number of environments for a variety of uses and in many situations either asĀ  features or for providing shelters. For instance:

– If you are having a garage or car boot sale you make your pitch look different and enticing whilst keeping your sale items protected.

– If you are selling items at a craft fair or open-air market a portable carport can offer shade from the heat or rain.

– Portable carports are ideal to take to the beach as they can be erected almost instantly and provide welcome shade from the sun’s harmful UV rays as well as protecting food from the sand and flies.

– If you are having an outdoor wedding a portable carport can be used either as a feature or to provide some protection from the weather. There is a wide choice of colors on the market allowing your carport to be customised for special events but still allowing you to use it time after time in the future.

– Those who love to do DIY may well welcome having a structure like a portable carport to work under as they provide shelter.

– Kids, as we all know, benefit from being outdoors so a portable carport means they can still play outside whatever the weather and they are great for hosting a children’s party.

– Family gatherings or romantic dinners can be enjoyed under a portable carport especially if you have outdoor lighting.

So, as you can see, it may well be worth investing in a portable pop-up canopy carport!