Resell your carport

If you’re upgrading your carport or simply don’t need it anymore, then it can be a good idea to sell it rather than simply dumping it. Unless you have a very old carport in bad condition, you should be able to at least sell some of the parts even if it’s impractical to sell as a whole.

This post outlines some of the ways in which you can sell parts and things to consider when reselling new carports. This information can also be applied to metal and steel buildings, flatpack sheds and similar. Read on to find out more…

How to sell a carport

The first stage of selling your carport or other metal construction is to consider what’s actually practical to sell. If you’ve got a kit you’ve never put together, or a couple of kits that you’ve selectively removed bits from, these are easy to list. Be honest and accurate when describing the condition, what (if anything) is missing or broken, and use any model names, brand names and numbers. If you’re listing your carport online or in a newspaper, using the brand and reference number in the title is extremely beneficial.

If you’re working with only a small amount of parts, for example just carport canopies or carport support posts, it may be worth listing them separately rather than bundling them together. If someone contacts you about one lot, you can always tell them you have other listings they may also be interested in.

Where to sell your carport

As we’ve already mentioned, selling online or in a newspaper ad are your main options. Both of these can incur costs, but places like Craig’s List and eBay are good – if competitive – choices. When placing an ad in a newspaper make sure you will make enough on the the sale minus the advert cost to justify your time. It may also be worth putting up notices on local noticeboards to attract potential buyers near your location, which will save you money and stress in the long run. Some carport manufacturers and wholesalers may also take good condition carports and carport parts off your hands, but you will not get a particularly good price unless you negotiate hard. On the plus side, they will often come and collect from you, which saves a lot of hassle and gas! If you’re simply trying to get rid of your carport rather than focus on making a profit, this may be the best option for you.

Questions to answer

  • Consider removal/delivery ahead of advertising – Will you be responsible for getting the items to the buyer, or do you need them to collect?
  • Charges – How much will your advertising cost and what percentage of the profit is that?
  • Backup plan – What will happen if the buyer fails to show up? How long will you hold on to your carport for, and how long will you leave it before relisting?
  • Worth – Realistically, how much is your carport worth?

Once you’ve answered these questions and put a plan in place, take some pictures of what you have to offer and list your carport or carport parts. Good luck!