There are many reasons not to park your car on the road when not in use if there is any way around it. Security is often a big problem. When your car is out in the street, it is more vulnerable than when it is on your property, to vandals that walk along the roads, causing thousands of pounds worth of damage to vehicles, by dragging a key, screwdriver, or other sharp implement along them as they walk. There is also an issue with break ins.

Insurers are wise to this and your premium will be affected if you leave your vehicle on the road. The location of the road itself is also an important factor for insurance as premiums vary with postcodes.


So, after employing the services of driving instructors, you are the owner of your first car and it is a proud moment. The car itself may be nothing to write home about but it will hold a special place in your heart for the rest of your life. Where are you going to keep your pride and joy? Here are a few ideas that may steer you in the right direction.


By attaching a carport to the side of your parents house and getting your car under cover, you will be protecting it from the elements as well as keeping it off the road. Bird droppings can spoil paintwork so if you live in a place where there is a pigeon problem, for example, it may be wise to keep you car protected from bombardment. Carports are cheap and do a great job in protecting from birds and weather.


If your mom or dad use the carport, the next best place is on the driveway behind them. This is good for two reasons; it gets your car off the street, and it will annoy them whenever they want to go out because they have to wait for you to move yours. Soon enough they will learn that if they are to get to work on time it is best to let you park under the carport.


Arguably the most secure place to keep your car is in a locked garage. If you do not have one of your own, the local authority may have some nearby that are rented for a nominal monthly fee. This may be inconvenient if there is none local to you so it is always worth asking if someone nearby has an unused garage you could rent.

On Someone Else’s Property

The insurance company will ask if your car is kept on a driveway. It doesn’t matter if it is someone else’s. Often there is a neighbour that will let you park there for free. It may be a person living alone who will feel a little safer from intruders if there is a car parked on the drive.

On The Street

Sometimes there is no way around it; you have to leave your baby on the street. Don’t encourage thefts by leaving anything in the vehicle when it is unattended. Remove the face from the stereo if it has that facility and fix a steering wheel lock before you lock the doors. These bright yellow chunks of metal tell a thief that there is no point breaking into your car as they will never be able to drive it away.

Leaving your car for the first night is stressful wherever it is kept. You will soon learn though, that it will still be there in the morning. We have all experienced these feelings with our first car. Relax, it is quite normal.

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