About Metal Carports and Kits

MetalCarportsandKits.com was established to help people find out more about carports, why they’re a great idea, and how to get the most out of them.

Most websites about carports and carport kits seem to focus on sales, so instead this website is information-based and designed to help you find out more about them before you buy.

There are plenty of alternatives to metal carports and metal buildings, but they are among the most low-maintenance and cheapest solutions for protecting cars, boats and other vehicles from the worst of the weather. Carports can be used as both temporary and permanent shelter solutions, and you can buy a carport kit and build your own, or get a professional in to set one up for you.

MetalCarportsandKits.com has a range of videos, guides and written articles to help you get started. Use the navigation bar above to access the pages you’re interested in.

About Us

We are a trio of bloggers, Jen, Chris and Debs, who want to help people find out more about metal carport kits, carports, steel buildings and other related topics. We blog elsewhere and write professionally for a living. If you’d like to contact us, please fill out the contact form.