Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about metal carports, traditional carports, kits, building your own, and maintaining them.

Which kind of carport would you put on a rent house, attached with traditional construction or metal detached?

We’ve always preferred metal detached carports just because they are so much more durable than traditional wooden framed carports. However, as you’re talking about a rental property, a less permanent solution might be preferable for your landlord. We would suggest putting together a quick outline of the pros and cons of each, and then talking to him or her about it with all the necessary information to hand. It also shows you’ve done your research and considered it seriously. If your landlord is happy leaving the decision making to you, then it depends on your budget (don’t forget to sort out costs before spending any money on carport parts or professional carport installers). If you’re planning to stay in the property for a fairly long time then metal is a good choice. Having a detached carport is also less trouble, although if space is an issue you may want to reconsider.

How can I hang Christmas lights on a carport?

The easiest thing to do is use a string of battery operated lights which are certified for outdoor use. Failing that, then some good quality solar Christmas lights will look good. If you have a wooden carport, you can hammer some nails in and drape them round. If you have a metal carport, you can get stiff wired Christmas lights which will twist round and stay in position, or tie down in intervals using string a similar colour to your carport (assuming you have posts or pillars).

How to get rid of birds inside our carport pooping on our car?

Unfortunately there’s no easy solution to this, at least not that we’ve heard of. Probably the most practical solution is to cover your car when leaving it in your carport for long periods of time, or else closing your carport off from the elements more.

How do I insulate the roof of metal canopy double carport to get rid of condensation?

Close insulation foam is often recommended, but it’s expensive and isn’t necessarily the best option. You can buy rubberized mobile home/caravan/motorhome paint for the topside of the metal to reduce condensation on the underside.

How do I paint my rough concrete carport floor?

Make sure the floor isn’t damp, and then clean it to prepare for painting. Add a masonry coat, then a coat of primer before painting with paint specified for use on concrete. Painting your carport floor a traditional colour may seem boring, but it’s actually a good choice because there’s less chance you’ll get bored of it.

What can I do to keep spiders from building webs underneath my carport?

Spiders are always going to be attracted to carports because of the corners and height. They are perfect for building webs underneath. We recommend just using a feather duster to brush away webs when they appear; you could use insect killers but it seems unfair when spiders don’t cause any harm and are technically still outside anyway.

Where do you get materials to build your own carport?

You can buy materials from local suppliers (do a quick web search to find ones in your area), or alternatively you can buy from specialist websites. The advantage from buying from the web is that there may be more choice available; however, for delivery and pick up reasons it can be good to source close by. Check eBay and Gumtree for people selling parts as you can get some great second hand deals.

How bad is keeping your car outside in snow compared to in a garage or carport instead?

It really depends on how bad the snow is where you live. If it is heavy and persistent in winter, then it’s annoying to have to use de-icer, spend ages heating up your car, clearing the snow off etc. Not good when you don’t want to get out of your nice warm bed in the mornings anyway! Depending on how the snow falls, a car in a covered carport can escape a surprising amount of snowfall, and if you have a carport which is closed on multiple sides, effectively like a garage, then there’s a much bigger advantage.