5 reasons to convince your landlord to let you have a carport


There are plenty of great reasons to get a carport, but unfortunately some landlords are opposed to the idea. So, if you want to convince your landlord to let you have a car port, here are five excellent reasons to convince him or her of the benefits.

Added property value

A carport can add a surprising amount of value to a property, particularly when it looks attractive. A double carport is an even better use of space as the ability to store and protect two vehicles is very appealing to home buyers. Sure, you can always point out the potential space, but not having to lift a finger is a huge plus for buyers.

More appeal for renters

The rental market is having its up and downs these days, so if your landlord wants to add extra appeal for future renters, a carport is the way to go. Car parking is one of the main issues facing renters, and if you have somewhere to park one or two vehicles out of the worst of the weather, that is a big advantage and can tip the balance in your landlord’s favour.

Carports provide extra storage

Extra storage space is a concern for renters, and having a carport is great for garden tools and equipment and other bits and pieces of everyday life that don’t need to be cluttering up the house. In one case we heard of a renter that used the carport to store muddy shoes and sports equipment, meaning that the house carpets stayed in pristine condition – saving the landlord time and effort and the renter a carpet cleaning bill!

Carports are cheaper than a garage

Carports are much cheaper than garages, so your landlord doesn’t have to commit to a significant investment plus planning permission, building work, and all the other costs associated with such a big project. Instead, a carport can be ordered, shipped and constructed in a very short space of time.

Carports can be a less permanent option

If you have a long term commitment to your rental property, you may want to consider buying your own portable carport that you can take with you when you move. This is often the best compromise as your landlord doesn’t have to worry about the condition of the carport or future tenants not liking it. There is also far less of a reason to object to a carport since there will be no evidence of it once you go.

Car Port or Carport?


A bit of a lighthearted entry today. We’ve been having a debate about whether you should type ‘car port’ as two separate words, or simply type ‘carport’. At metalcarportsandkits.com, as you can see, we tend to favour ‘carport’ as one word. It just seems to read more easily and is less confusing…and one less key to press!

However, when people have emailed us about the site, we get a mixture of ‘car port’ and ‘carport’. Most people probably don’t care, but we thought that it’s interesting the way the phrase has evolved over time – ‘carport’ is now a more popular spelling than ‘car port’, and Google doesn’t correct it to two words if you type it in as one. In some cases these things are just state-wide or region-wide, but it seems to be an internationally accepted way to phrase it. Of course, typing ‘carport’ rather than ‘car port’ also eliminates confusion if you’re talking about transporting your car overseas.

So, join the debate. Which do you use – ‘car port’ or ‘carport’, and which do you think is best?

(PS Before you think we’ve gone mad, we’ve got a proper entry coming up later on, so stay tuned!)

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