If you’re looking for an even cheaper alternative to a carport, you may want to consider an awning or canopy. As they are primarily constructed from fabric, they are cheaper than metal and easier to put up than wood. Another advantage is that you can change them when you get bored or they start to look tired.

To make your carport alternative even cheaper, shop around and check second hand stores and websites such as eBay, GumTree and Freecycle for cheap or free materials to use. If you’re buying a previously owned canopy or awning, make sure you check the measurements beforehand and ask the seller to give as much additional information as possible to avoid wasting time and money.

If budget is an issue for you, be creative. You can make an awning out of any waterproof and weather resistant material, and fabric not being specifically marketed as ‘for canopies’ or ‘for awnings’ can be considerably cheaper. View a shade sail used as a carport alternative.

Another idea is to construct a simple frame in a cube shape, then drape material over the top and secure. You can even buy them online, in bags and with quick construction, for example from here. If you’re intending to use them for more than a few days, try to erect your carport alternative with the front two poles higher than the back two to allow rain to slide off the roof.

A large gazebo can also prove satisfactory as a carport solution. However, if you can’t secure it into the ground then it is best served as a short-term carport alternative. They can be particularly useful when camping or making us of a caravan as they will provide shelter for your vehicles, can be moved to keep the sun off your face, and are quick to construct and pack away.

Temporary alternatives to carports can be a great way to determine whether or not a carport is for you – a ‘try before buy’ situation. If you feel that they aren’t quite right for what you need, then it’s worth investigating carports and carport kits in further detail – particularly as kits and wholesale carports aren’t as expensive as some people think.