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We’ve published lots of posts since we launched three months ago, and had some great feedback and enquiries from visitors. In case you missed anything, we’ve decided to list our most popular posts with a little explanation – so here it is; the great post round up!

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Carport Support Posts


Another thing to consider when buying and installing a carport is carport support posts. The posts work to hold up the roof of the carport, and therefore it’s essential that they are made of strong, high-quality materials and are installed properly – otherwise you risk damaging your car or other vehicles. Carport supports can break under pressure, and so it’s best to make sure you have fitted them correctly and that they offer good support. Always check your support posts following a period of bad weather to make sure they can still cope with the job, or if support posts are hit by moving vehicles or heavy objects as they can become unstable.

Unless you have carport support posts which are designed to be used on top of surfaces, which is less common, your carport support posts will extend below the ground, usually at least a foot deep. Metal carport supports can be extremely strong and hardy when installed properly and maintained well.

In addition to your carport support posts, you will need carport footings, which lie below the frost line of the soil and will be examined by a building inspector to confirm stability. You will also need carport anchors, which are again made out of metal and help to secure your carport further and prevent damages or accidents.
The final aspect of carport support is a roof support, which for most carports is a lengthy metal cylinder. This is essential for ensuring that your carport roof doesn’t collapse and is as strongly supported on the top as it is on the bottom.

When buying a carport, it’s important to check what’s included with the support posts as you may need to buy extra parts. If you’re purchasing a used carport, you’ll need to figure out if you need to replace any anchors or footings for security. The seller should be able to advise what is needed for your particular carport. Carport safety and support is extremely important, as not only do you risk expensive damage to cars, vans, bikes and anything else you may store under your carport, but it can be very dangerous for people walking underneath or using a carport almost as an extra room. To ensure your family and friends are safe and that your carport doesn’t end up being a liability, support your carport properly and always check with a professional if you’re unsure or something doesn’t feel quite right. It’s best to be safe than sorry.

Prefabricated Carports


Prefabricated carports, also known as carport kits, are a fast and easy way to get your own carport. Contrary to popular belief, you can have your carport designed exactly how you want it, with a custom design rather than an ‘off the shelf’, cookie-cutter carport design. There are lots of advantages to getting a prefabricated carport; it’s a good compromise between having to create your own from scratch and the more expensive option of getting a professional to design and build your carport for you.
There is lots of advice about building your own carport online, including a series of helpful YouTube videos you can watch. However, as long as you get your carport kit created at a reputable company, you should have all the parts and instructions you need to build your own carport.

Prefabricated carports aren’t particularly expensive, though the cost will depend on the size, type and complexity of your carport. Timber carports will be cheaper but they aren’t as durable as metal carports. One of the best materials for a prefabricated carport is steel, although aluminium is also a good option if you’re concerned with weight or you’re having your kit shipped to you.

If your prefabricated carport is being delivered by a local company, don’t feel guilty about asking them questions about the installation when they drop off your carport kit. Just because they aren’t installing it for you doesn’t mean they won’t be happy to answer a few questions, particularly if the prefab carport you ordered was an expensive one. Equally, don’t feel pushed in to having a professional install your carport for you. As carport kits often seem intimidating at first glance, despite being easy to put together, you may feel that you’ve taken on a job that’s too big for you to handle. Just remember that a prefabricated carport may look like a huge job to put together, but in fact it’s quite simple. All you need is patience, good weather, and a friend to help out. Putting together your own carport can save a lot of money, which means you can opt for a higher quality or bigger prefab carport as you’re saving on installation costs.

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