Carports, and in particular carport kits, consist of a variety of different parts. This article looks at the different pieces you may encounter when building your own carport from a carport kit. If you are looking to replace carport ports for an existing carport you own, then be sure to check measurements and brands before ordering your carport parts. For safety reasons it’s best to get professional advice, particularly if you’re working with fundamental carport parts such as carport support posts.

Carport Roof

The roof is the biggest part of your carport, and the part most on display, so choosing it requires some thought. You may choose to have a carport canopy made out of canvas or other fabric, a plastic roof, a metal roof, a wooden carport roof. There are no real limitations on your carport roof, it really depends on your location and needs which type you go for. Stronger carport roofs are recommended for areas with severe winter weather conditions, so a light plastic roof is not a good option for areas with heavy snowfall. Likewise, a criss-cross wooden roof may look more attractive than other types of carport roof, but it is not very practical if you want to protect your car. A canopy is easier to replace when you get bored of the colour or it needs repairing, but again this depends on the type of carport you have and how much maintenance time you’re willing to put in.

Carport Support Posts

The most important part of your carport kit, carport support posts will keep your carport standing securely. For that reason it’s best to read your carport kit instructions thoroughly before beginning to construct your carport. Carport assembly is not difficult, but to prevent damage to your cars and other vehicles, it’s essential that you get the foundations right. Find out more about carport support posts.

Carport Assembly

Looking for tips on carport assembly ? We have a post with some great videos.