Our last picture post proved to be extremely popular, so we decided to follow it up with another post featuring carport pictures. There are also some garage pictures in there too to help you make a decision about whether to purchase a carport or a garage. Let us know what you think of the carport photos by leaving a comment at the bottom of this entry.

Carport Images

We’ve found that a lot of carport photos are very ‘set up’ and posed, so we’ve chosen to include real life carport pictures rather than staged (and Photoshopped) marketing images. This should give you a better and more realistic idea of the carports available on the market and which styles are most appealing to you. What’s particularly helpful about this set of carport pictures is that most of the carports and garages featured have been styled to match the house or property exactly for an integrated look and feel. If you’re looking to buy a carport for personal (rather than commercial) use, making it fit the neighborhood environment is a huge advantage, particularly if you live in a small town or you’re looking at selling your house within the next few years.

So, without any more distractions, here are our selection of inspirational carport and garage images.