Metal Carport Kits


Metal carport kits contain everything you need for building your own carport from scratch. Carport kits are more often than not prefabricated carports, although there are some companies who will make a carport to your specification and then ship it out. Always contact the company directly to get a quote, because online prices frequently include carport installation costs. Bear in mind that you will need plenty of space to construct your carport as well as a toolset to get the carport constructed. A bit of good weather doesn’t hurt either!

Carport kit

A typical carport kit will include the complete frame for your carport along with support posts and of course the instructions. A downpipe will usually be included along with built-in gutters to handle rainfall easily and direct it off your carport effectively. Supports and posts will have pre-drilled joining points to make your carport construction even faster, and make your carport easier to piece together initially.

Building your carport

It’s much easier to build a carport with a couple of friends or colleagues on hand to help, particularly as you will be dealing with long/tall pieces of metal or wood. Unpack your kit carefully to avoid damaging any pieces, and count and check everything beforehand against the instructions, carport plans and delivery information to make sure your time isn’t wasted before you get started. Carport companies will usually be happy to send out any extras or replacements for you, especially as you have spent a considerable amount of money, so that’s worth considering. Remember that they aren’t your personal support team though and don’t call up with annoying questions!

Disposing of carport materials

Once you’ve completed your carport kit build, make sure you clean up after yourself. Everyone has a responsibility for the environment, so make sure that any plastic sheeting and packaging is disposed of carefully and recycled where possible. You may end up with offcuts if you’ve purchased a wood carport kit, and if the wood is untreated you can leave it to degrade on soil or grass.

5 reasons a carport can help you sell your home


Whether it’s a timber carport, metal carport or steel garage, an attachment to your house or detached on your land, a carport can be a great asset. Unlike your car itself, a carport can add value over time, and can be the difference between you selling your home and it staying on the market.

It’s tough to sell your home right now, and even a complete revamp won’t guarantee a sale. Here are five reasons why a carport can be an investment for your home and help you sell it.

1. Less hassle for the buyer – They don’t have to build their own garage, carport or vehicle storage because you’ve done the work for them. This saves them time, hassle, research, planning and money – all things you want to minimise when you’re buying or have just bought a property.

2. Your home is better value for money – Because you’re selling your home with existing vehicle storage, you’re selling more physical real estate than just your house. This is especially true for those with detached carports and garages, who are ultimately selling more than one building.

3. You have the edge over comparable real estate – If a buyer is deciding between two very similar properties, then a carport or garage can swing the decision in your favor.


Making your carport more attractive


Sometime carports are not particularly attractive and many people tend to neglect them and use their carport solely for auto storage. However, with a little thought and even on a limited budget, it is possible to turn your carport into a truly inspirational extension to the home.

Not only does a covered car port offer protection from the elements but can even add an outdoor living experience and usually there is no need to alter your carport’s construction in any way -saving time and money.

You can alter the whole appearance of your carport by decorating the floor area, introducing outdoor furniture, adding window dressings (such as wood blinds, netting or curtains) and making full use of decorated stained glass or perspex.

Plants can look wonderful inside or outside a carport, especially if you can find unusual weatherproof pots or containers to house them. Hanging baskets can often be found fairly cheaply and filled to the brim with seasonal flowers or foliage. These can also be highlighted if you use outdoor or solar paneled lights.

Decorating your carport need not be too costly. One way of sprucing it up is to thoroughly clean the concrete floor and then use outdoor paint to create a block or blocks, stripes, abstract designs etc. Those more artistically inclined can even paint oriental or faux rugs! Obviously it depends on your budget, but it might be an idea to have a rubber or tiled floor fitted, it’s up to your purse and taste.

Take advantage of boot and garage sales as you can often find bargains galore such as bamboo or roller blinds, netting or fabric which can soon be altered to enclose your area. There may also be outdoor furniture or iron ware items which could be re-vamped and use in your new outdoor space.

Once the floor is finished and the enclosure is installed then attention can be paid to the furnishings and accessories. Whether you live in an urban, coastal or rural area there are usually bargains to be found and all you need do is add a little TLC. For instance umbrella stands, tiles, advertising signs, wheels or even plain pieces of wood that can be used to create works of art. Oftentimes there are interesting and unusual pieces to be found on beaches such as driftwood, shells, dried seaweed etc which can be washed, dried and left plain or embellished as you wish.

Some people like to have a particular theme and enjoy carefully planning and designing everything for the home whilst others enjoy a more spontaneous approach – whatever personality drives you there are great benefits to be had from transforming the carport outside your home that you may have just considered to be only for auto storage.