There are plenty of advantages to buying a second hand metal carport. As well as being cheaper, it’s more environmentally friendly to buy second hand goods, and unlike timber carports, you can be assured that your aluminum or steel carport will be in usable condition for several decades.

Second hand carports are also an inexpensive way to find out if a carport is the right choice for you (as opposed to an awning, canopy, steel building, garage or other building). If you decide you don’t want the carport any more, you can easily sell it on yourself or even give it away for free.

When buying a carport, make sure you clarify every detail about it before committing to buy. You don’t want to end up with a rusty, broken or even dangerous carport. Below we’ve listed some questions to help you out before buying.

Questions to ask when buying a used metal carport

• Who made the carport/where was it sourced originally?
• How long have you (and also any previous buyers) owned the carport?
• Are there any flaws or problems that you know of? If so, could you describe them in detail?
• Why are you selling your carport?
• What type of metal is your carport made from?
• Are there any missing parts or pieces that I will have to buy?
• Can you deliver it or will I need to collect the carport?

Where to find used carports

The easiest way to find used carports is to look online. Websites such as Craigslist, GumTree and eBay are good places to start. You may even be super lucky and pick a second hand carport up from Freecycle. If you know of any local listings websites in your area, then check those. As carports are expensive to ship, it’s best to find one as local as possible unless you’re buying from a specialised second hand dealer.

If you’re having difficulty finding any carports in your area, try taking out a listing in a newspaper or put up a notice in your local post office, library or similar. You might just get lucky!