5 reasons a carport can help you sell your home


Whether it’s a timber carport, metal carport or steel garage, an attachment to your house or detached on your land, a carport can be a great asset. Unlike your car itself, a carport can add value over time, and can be the difference between you selling your home and it staying on the market.

It’s tough to sell your home right now, and even a complete revamp won’t guarantee a sale. Here are five reasons why a carport can be an investment for your home and help you sell it.

1. Less hassle for the buyer – They don’t have to build their own garage, carport or vehicle storage because you’ve done the work for them. This saves them time, hassle, research, planning and money – all things you want to minimise when you’re buying or have just bought a property.

2. Your home is better value for money – Because you’re selling your home with existing vehicle storage, you’re selling more physical real estate than just your house. This is especially true for those with detached carports and garages, who are ultimately selling more than one building.

3. You have the edge over comparable real estate – If a buyer is deciding between two very similar properties, then a carport or garage can swing the decision in your favor.


6 reasons why a carport is better than a garage


There are plenty of reasons in favor of both carports and garages, but as we love carports here, we decided to create a list of reasons why carports are better than garages. Feel free to add your own reasons in the comments!

  1. Carports don’t get filled up with junk (and stuff like extra freezers) the way garages do.
  2. Your metal carport isn’t going to let damp, leaky or even moldy like garages can.
  3. If you decide you’d like the space to extend your house, add a porch, make your driveway more flexible, add a caravan or camper van or increase the size of your land then you can remove your carport without employing a builder.
  4. A carport won’t potentially compromise the walls of your house structurally, or restrict the light.
  5. It’s easier to make a carport look attractive.
  6. Carports are more flexible in terms of use. Want it to be left open? Go ahead. Want a retractable roof? That’s fine.

So as you can see by choosing to have a carport over a garage, you can avoid plenty of potential problems and costs which could have an effect on your home’s value in the long term as well.