Are metal carports better than wood carports?


We had an interesting question via email recently, which to put it simply was ‘Are metal carports better than wood?’. Ultimately it comes down to your budget and the final look that you want. Assuming that you don’t want to specifically match your carport to your buildings and you’re not at the mercy of local regulations, then you’re pretty much free to choose either way.

At, we do particularly like metal carports for the reason that they are a lot more durable and long lasting. Surprisingly enough, they are also often much cheaper than wooden carports even though they are made from high-quality steel.

If the environment is a concern for you, then you should choose a responsibly sourced wooden carport from as close by as possible. Timber carports can have a nicer look and blend into traditional, rural and historical environments more easily. However, you can disguise an ugly carport easily enough using vines and other climbing plants – just be sure they have a good base and strong roots to make the distance. If you’re going down this route then you may as well purchase a steel carport or an aluminium carport, which will last longer and almost always be cheaper. Aluminum carport assembly is easier than steel carport assembly simply because the carport is more lightweight.

Another advantage of metal carports over wooden carports is that they require less maintenance. Wood carports will benefit from being properly treated, painted and varnished, with top ups on a yearly basis, for best protection against the elements. Whether you decide to go for a metal or wooden carport, remember to check guarantees, returns policy, the lay of the land and the size of it before you buy a carport.

Lowes carports

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If you’re looking for somewhere to buy your carport, then you could do a lot worse than Lowes. They carry a good range of metal carports with Arrow and VersaTube steel. They ship to all of the US with the exception of Alaska and Hawaii, and the prices are very reasonable.

Why buy a Lowes carport?

A Lowes carport kit is great if you’re looking for an inexpensive metal carport that is still extremely strong and durable. Made from steel, they are produced in the USA and carry guarantees of up to twenty years. The Lowes website lists all the exact prices and dimensions along with the features of each individual carport to make it easy for you to decide if any fit the bill.

There are also a few different designs to choose from, including flat roofed carports and dome shaped carports. However, the carport designs are all standard, so if you’re looking for something different or you want a custom size to make the best use of your space, then Lowes may not be the best choice for you. On the other hand, if you’re just wanting to buy a carport quickly and easily, then Lowes carports offer you choice with little thought needed. The checkout process is simple, so your metal carport can be on its way to you in just a few clicks – ideal if you’re currently experiencing a period of inclement weather or you need to replace a damaged carport in a hurry.

Lowes carport assembly

All the necessary parts of Lowes carports kits – including both Arrow and VersaTube carport kits – are predrilled and ready for you to assemble. The Arrow carports even include an assembly DVD to give you a visual guide so you can put together your prefabricated carport with ease.
At such a good price, Lowes metal carports are a good buy for a second home or temporary vehicle storage solution.

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