Carports for historical districts are much harder to track down than standard carports as they are more of a specialist requirement. Some things to take into consideration when choosing a traditional carport or a carport for a historical district include:

Carport Size

You don’t want the carport to be too overwhelming, so build a 3D model using cardboard boxes or packing crates in the actual location to see how it will actually look in place. You don’t want to overpower any sights or architecture by creating a carport which is too big and/or too tall.

Carport Appearance

The most important thing. A timber carport is often the best choice for historical areas because it’s more customisable and fits in with more historical periods. However, if building work in the area is limited then a custom made metal carport will last longer and is more durable, so less disturbing for residents and tourists. Depending on the style of your area, fake stone cladding can also work quite well in either sandstone or grey, to look in-keeping with other buildings in the area.

If all else fails, or you’re worried about how your carport will look, green climbing plants and flowers will make any carport look more attractive.

Carport Roof

The appearance of your carport has a lot to do with the type of roof you choose, particularly when it comes to detached carports. A sloping roof or straight roof makes a huge difference, as does the material it is made from. Be aware that whilst timber carports can be painted different colours – exactly matching nearby buildings – they are more work and will need regular maintenance to continue looking attractive. This isn’t always practical if you are short on space or budget.

Carport Assembly

Choosing a carport or carport kit with simple assembly can be a huge advantage. If your area thrives on tourists, then getting a carport set up straight away helps the area look more attractive. If you’re providing large carports for tourists, then they will be quicker to set up than garages and also less permanent. Make sure the ground is as level as possible before purchasing your carport, and don’t be afraid to get the professionals in if you need fast and reliable carport installation.

Carport Support Poles

An essential thing to check, especially if you are providing carport access to visitors. Make sure you use the highest quality supports and they are fitted properly to avoid damaging either your carport or cars. Metal carports more frequently come with adjustable legs to accommodate uneven ground, which is also something to consider.